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We carry out tests and validations under current GDP guidelines and according to the standard ASTM D3103-07 in climate chambers that can simulate transport in ambient from -35 ° C to +45 ° C. The measuring equipment is calibrated regularly and calibration certificate included with the validation protocol. All documentation is version-controlled with traceability.

Designing an optimal package solution for temperature sensitive goods:

Input from the user:

  • Required product temperature
  • Volume needed for the goods in
    L x W x H [mm]
  • Expected ambient temperature door-to- door
  • Shipment time door-to-door
    and type of shipment

Optimizing the design

  • Selecting materials
  • Design of packaging solution
  • Quality control

Tests & Validations

  • Verify against requirements
  • Simulations of various scenarios in climate chambers
  • OK


Associated validation protocol and validation report complies with all of our package solutions.Validation documents have been produced according to the new GDP guidlines and have been carried out according to “Standard Test Method for Thermal Insulation Performance of Distribution Packages” (ASTM standard). The other documents included with each package solution are “system and component specifications” and “MSDS”. These documents are version controlled, easily traceable and describe in detail the composition of our products.

Summation from R&D of various coolants

Patient safety is No. 1 when it comes to the transportation of temperature sensitive Life Science products. Increase your awareness and knowledge when choosing a package solution that best manages to keep the desired temperature and in addition frost secures during unprotected transports. Please do contact us if you want to know more!