Vision and business concept

Pioneer in temperature controlled packaging system with PCM as coolant in ThermoShields when shipping temperature sensitive products for the Life Science industries.

The system ensures the safekeeping during shipment of temperature sensitive products. Thereby enabling that required quality is maintained to the end user. Performance and design are based on input from each and every user’s requirements. Tests & validations are verified and documented according to the latest GDP-guidelines.

With many years of R&D and testing, we provide a wide range of  standard and custom-made package solutions for Pharma products, clinical trials as well as transportation of blood components. Sizes ranges from small boxes to half- and full-pallet containers. Existing assortment of standard solutions are tested and validated for shipments from 30 to 72 hours. All products are the result of close cooperation with each user.

Watch the video for a quick introduction to our system for package solutions for temperature sensitive products. APS offers a wide range of prevalidated products with different sizes and configurations and can also be tailored to the costumers’ specific needs. Read more about our services here.


The company was founded in June 2006 as a result of a buy-out from AB Aircontainer A.C. (AC). Before splitting up in two separate companies, R&D and products now belonging to APS had been incubated for some years in AC. Due to different customer segments in which AC’s customers are airlines and APS’ customers are end users like Life Science and Pharmaceutical companies, the decision to establish two separate companies was unanimous amongst AC’s shareholders.

The basic idea was to develop a user-friendly package solution designed to maintain required temperature for door-to-door transportation in ranges for deep frozen -18 °C, refrigerated +2 °C to +8 °C and room temperature +15 °C to +25 °C.

The founder and product inventor, Thomas Björk, had been perfecting the idea for years in AC together with Peter Hill, R&D Manager of the Division of Applied Thermodynamics & Refrigeration at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden. When he started, existing package solutions on the market offered only passive cooling by traditional water-based gel packs and dry ice, making it difficult to maintain required temperatures and thereby endangering the goods.

Now with many years of R&D and testing, APS has launched both standard as well as custom made package solutions. Sizes range from small boxes to half- and full pallet containers. Depending on individual customer requirements the containers are tested and validated for shipments from 24 to 120 hours. In addition to this, APS today provides a wide assortment for the cold chain.

Registration at the Swedish Medical Products Agency

Inpac Aircontainer is registered with Swedish Medical Products Agency as a supplier of products with temperature requirementssince 2007 who also approves us as a company to CE mark our packaging solutions.


Our Business Segments

In the Nordic countries

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Pharmacy players
  • Biotech
  • Clinical trials
  • Blood banks
  • Hospitals