Our route to our customers’ success

Our customers choose a relationship with us so that they can take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges. Often, a new project marks the start of a long-term collaboration in which we both deepen and broaden our partnership. We offer a wide range of production and packaging technologies and a variety of services from manufacturing to market release. All this goes towards making us an outsourcing partner of choice over time. But our ambitions go further than that. Our business is not just a matter of delivering the agreed products and services; we also strive to contribute to our customers’ commercial success. To make this happen, we focus on two things:

  1. Spending time and actively interacting with our customers so that we can understand their needs, possibilities and goals.
  2. Using this understanding to be proactive, and to continually make improvements and find new solutions.

For us to achieve this, we have a solid, cost-effective production setup where the precision in our productions and pre-defined projects always comes first. But we have also created a way of working that can fire our passion and give us creative space. Working on a project basis is powerful when we take on board new projects, redefine old ones or team up with our customers to find new opportunities.

 Our account managers are always there to ensure the effectiveness and development of a specific customer relation on all levels, operational as well as strategically. In our day-to-day production, every employee has responsibility for making sure that the right product is delivered with the right quality at the right time.

At the centre of each project is the account manager, project manager and our various specialists, whose job it is to make sure that we create the value our customers require, quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to strengthen our customers’ competitive edge. The integration of our expertise and production equipment enables us to achieve this goal, driven by precision, passion and creativity.

We offer a wide range of production and packaging technologies and a variety of services from manufacturing to market release.

Production & Packaging

Solid dosage capabilities

Dedicated facility for packaging of Probiotics

  • Hard gelatin capsules (HPMC/HGC)
  • Blending of probiotics


  • Stick pack
  • Blisters (PVC/ALU – ALU/ALU)
  • Bottles

Packaging competences

  • New concept
  • New technologies
  • Scale up knowledge
  • Automation

Climate and cross-contamination controlled environment. Operating under cGMP

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance work is in accordance with EU-cGMP. In addition we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. The cooperation with our customers, suppliers and authorities together with training of our team is at focus as we constantly seek to improve our quality processes. Every delivery from Inpac shall be a recommendation for a new order.