Our Products


We offer a wide range of products that can be split into the seven main categories; protein, amino acids, gainers, performance enhanced, vitamins and minerals, weight control and accessories.

Whey is the most popular protein source, but we also offer non-dairy protein sources such as soy, oat, hemp and rice. These alternative sources of protein, with other characteristics such as lactose-free, gluten-free or organically produced, are demonstrating increasing demand from consumers.

We offer over 400 raw materials for fast delivery. To inquire about our prices, or ingredients that you are searching, please contact us.

Amino Acids

Supplements of amino acids are used primarily to accelerate recovery, stimulate muscle build-up and to prevent muscle breakdown. Amino acids contribute to the repair of all human tissues, so an addition of amino acids can be used by all athletes.


Protein is an energy-rich nutrient that is vital to the body’s functions. Proteins participate, among other things, in various enzyme reactions and  together with changing substances, representing important hormones in the body. Proteins consist of long chains of amino acids. Having a high protein intake has several advantages when it comes to muscle growth as well as weight loss.


Minerals are nonorganic substances that are needed for many of the body’s functions. Several minerals are counted as essential nutrients, ie they are vital to us. In the body, minerals are needed for the development of skeletal and normal muscle function as well as processes in metabolism.


Vitamins are organic substances that are vital to us humans. They are needed for growth and maintenance of the body’s tissues and participate in various processes in metabolism. The need for different vitamins varies from a few micrograms to milligrams, depending on the type of vitamin.


Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources that are purported to provide extra health benefits, in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. Depending on the jurisdiction, products may claim to prevent chronic diseases, improve health, delay the aging process, increase life expectancy, or support the structure or function of the body.

Herbal Extracts

An ”herbal extract” is a very concentrated liquid in which a solvent is used to extract the herbal properties out of plant material. The typical solvents used for extracts are alcohol, vinegar, or vegetable glycerin. Herbal extracts are very simple to make and convenient to take. Instead of having to drink a whole cup of tea, you can take a dropperful or 2 of a highly concentrated dose of an herbal extract. Herbal extracts are very convenient for acute situations that require hourly doses.

Special Ingredients

We also have a large amount of special ingredients. For instance, Ginseng, Fenugreek, Glucomannan, Dandelion and Olive leaf extract. Please let us know what you are searching for and we will help you